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We’re Launched!

(Sept. 12, 2022) We officially kicked off the ClearSource era last Thursday evening at LaunchCode in Calgary with dozens of friends who have cheered us on, worked with us, advised us, and partnered with us over the years.

Thank you to everyone who made it (and to those who couldn’t make it but wanted to be there). I think it’s safe to say that a great time was had by all.

Now that the dust has settled…we’re launched in beta. The focus now is on establishing our product market fit and validating our business model. Stay tuned for updates.



It was a great introduction to the industry at Fabtech 2022 in Toronto last week!  We connected with and signed up manufacturers, distributors, and dozens of end-user contractors who all told us that there is definitely a problem with sourcing and procurement in the industrial supply sector.

ClearSource is well-positioned to help strengthen the industry at all points in the process of procurement. From easily finding the products you want, to greater visibility when contractors are shopping, to better end-user visibility.

We were even able to cajole a handful of industry folks into chatting about what they see in the space!

Nikki Noble, coordinator and Professor of Welding at Lambton College, was a featured speaker on the leadership exchange panel. She stopped by to share her perspectives as a welder and teacher.

Duncan Beaumont, Director – Translas North America | Guide Gloves North America, stopped by to chat about the current state of procurement from the manufacturer’s perspective and the lack of visibility to end-user contractors.

Dan Magwood, Flexovit Canada Abrasives, was our booth neighbour.  We chatted over the fence about how the industry functions today and the desire for more good data.

January 25th, 2022 – ClearSource is excited to announce that we have engaged with the Funding Catalyst team at Thin Air Labs. Working with their dedicated team of financing experts will help us ensure our Beta launch happens on time this Spring and that we can take advantage of all of the great programs that Alberta has to offer #technology companies like ours. We can’t wait to show off what we’re building and we’re so grateful that the amazing team at Thin Air is helping us get there!

Mike Janzen of ClearSource was featured on the CWBA Welding Podcast with Max Cerron discussing the future of procurement and tools to help new welders run their businesses.

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