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Reach the Next Generation of Industrial Contractors

Do you want to increase your brand exposure to your target market? Of course, you do! 
Do you want to do so while supporting your authorized Distributors? If yes, then ClearSource is here for you! 
ClearSource is a Digital Sales Platform designed to help Industrial Supply Distributors connect with their customers online in one of three ways:
  1. Industrial Commerce web stores
  2. An industry-first Marketplace
  3. Outbound Digital Order Desk tools that make sourcing & quoting a snap 
Manual workers working at a factory

Why Partner With ClearSource?

Manufacturer catalogues are our source of truth. We work with our brand partners to ensure that the most up-to-date product information is represented across our system including specs, selling features, or even SDS sheets and repair manuals! 

There is no charge to host your catalogue on ClearSource. In exchange, brands can take advantage of unprecedented advertising opportunities with an audience of pre-qualified buyers (coming soon). Additionally, you control who can sell your products and we’ll tell you how well they’re performing! Explore unparalleled business intelligence and actionable insights specific to your brand or product groups (coming soon). 

Let’s connect to discuss how ClearSource can help you drive increased revenue through your existing Distribution!