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What am I signing up for?

We’re looking for contractors like you to tell us that you’re excited about what we’re building. You can participate in one of two ways. When you sign up, we’ll add your name to a waitlist and let you know when ClearSource is ready to launch. At that point, we’ll clearly outline the terms of using the software and you can decide if you want to proceed or not. The second, and we think more fun way, to participate is as a Beta tester. What, you may ask, is a Beta tester? Beta testers are the folks who try out the early-stage software before it is ready for release. You get to break it, tell us we built it wrong, make us cry, and give us feedback on the workflow and functionality! In general, we want you to use it and abuse it so we can make it as great as possible before we release it to the world!

Do I have to pay anything to sign up now?

No! Not a thing. Beta testers will even get special perks for helping us along the way. All we ask is that you come with an open mind, be honest with us and have a little patience while we make improvements. If you decide you just want to be on the waitlist, don’t worry, we still love you and we’ll check in with you before we release to make sure the software still fits your needs

Why wouldn’t I just wait until you launch to sign up?

We’re trying to sign up as many distributors and manufacturers as we can prior to launch so that you have a ton of selection right from day one! For every contractor that signs up and says, “Hey! What a great idea ClearSource is! I’d use that!”, it helps us prove to distributors that we’ll have a bunch of customers ready to go for them to work with on day one as well.

I like the distributors I work with now; do I have to change?

Not at all! We’re just trying to make the purchasing process more seamless for you when you do deal with your favourites. As a matter of fact, once you’ve signed up, we’ll reach out to ask you who your favourite distributors are so we can do our best to have them on the platform on launch day.

How much is ClearSource going to cost?

We’re still working through the final details of that, but we can tell you that it won’t be another subscription-based service.

What other software can ClearSource connect with?

For our Beta, we’re planning on integrating with QuickBooks first as it’s the most commonly used accounting platform in Canada. Once that’s working, we’ve got plans to integrate with lots of other platforms and we’ll prioritize them by need. We’ve seen some great contractor tools out there from folks like Jobber, SAGE Construction Accounting, Service Titan, Jonas Construction Software, and ProCore. We’re planning to integrate with these and any other suggestions you may have!

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