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Helping Distributors Sell Smarter.

Three great revenue-generating solutions in one!


  1. Turnkey industrial commerce sites that can link to existing websites and allow your business to sell online in minutes without setup, price files, or catalogues to maintain.
  2. An industry-first Marketplace that generates leads for you, speeds up customer acquisition, and doesn’t soak up all your margin!
  3. Outbound Digital tools to help make your order desk more profitable and efficient, while integrating with your existing software!

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A Virtual Order Desk In Minutes

We’ve revolutionized online store building, taking the process from months to minutes! All without the need to build a new website, or task a staff member (let’s be honest, probably you) with maintaining it.

Just tell us what brands you’re an authorized distributor for, and we’ll “turn on” those catalogues for you. The fully stocked store can then be linked to your website, email signatures, or QR codes. PLUS, we link you to those same brands in our Marketplace and help you find new customers along the way!

Whether you want to enable your customers to self-serve or give them access to unified product information to verify the products you’ve quoted, ClearSource gives you access to ALL the products that you carry, not just the ones you stock.

Your customers & staff will enjoy the ability to quickly pull up accurate product information including SDS sheets, specs, repair manuals, and other important information, all supplied directly from the manufacturer.

Protect Your Margin

Pricing is in your control with ClearSource. Having come from distributorship ourselves, we recognize that the most crucial part of being a distributor is the ability to control pricing to generate margin.

Pricing is never displayed on our web stores because we know that each customer will get a different price depending on a multitude of variables that change with every order.

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A More Efficient and Profitable Order Desk

(Coming Soon) Outbound Digital Order Desk Tools take much of the busyMan standing behind the checkout, at hardware store. Taking orders on the phone and using lap top work out of running an order desk. This includes speeding up outbound quoting, no matter the lead source, and allowing customers to complete orders online complete with pricing and shipping details.

All of this means your team, can spend more time doing what they do best: using their industry knowledge to make your customers happy! Less time quoting simple, transactional items and more time making product and process recommendations, solving complex customer problems, and focusing on new business development.

Order desk staff will be able to send out more accurate quotes using ClearSource, complete with part numbers, images, specs, and links, faster than ever. We know that faster quoting is often the key to winning bids and with planned integration tools right into your accounting software, we’ll help speed up fulfillment as well!

As one of our customers remarked…

“We need “Industrial” Commerce, not E-Commerce.”

Many independent distributors have learned by trying to “do-it-themselves”, that retail click-to-buy solutions take months to set up, are a nightmare to maintain, and don’t match standard industry quoting practices. Not to mention the cost!

ClearSource instantly gives you the ability to expand into digital sales without taking staff away from the important day-to-day work involved in running a local distributorship.

“…it’s like an extra set of hands.”

Until now the only way to grow your business was to add more people – but we all know that great people are hard to find. The solution is to make your existing team more efficient, and our industry-specific platform is designed to do exactly that.

Let’s connect to discuss leveraging ClearSource for your business.

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