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ClearSource Helps You Buy Smarter

Whether you shop for yourself (ie. you’re the person on the tools) or you buy for your colleagues, ClearSource is built for you!

How much time do you spend sourcing products or keeping track of expenses so you can bill customers accurately? Are you profitable on each job you work? No matter what trade you work in, you’re great at what you do. At ClearSource, we’re great at procurement and vendor managementClearSource will give you back time to spend building your business, plus save you money on the products you already buy from the trusted distributors you rely on.

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Why Become a ClearSource Contractor?

The bottom line…save time and money! ClearSource was created to streamline the entire purchasing process. So you can get back to doing what you do best while ClearSource helps you buy smarter.

Smart Search Sourcing Tool

Quickly search through thousands of the everyday products you already use.

One-Touch RFQs (Requests for Quotation)

Easily send out quote requests to multiple vendors with one click.

Geographic Product Availability

Instantly find local distributors authorized to carry the products you want.

Instant Notifications

Real-time alerts let you know when you’ve received quotes.

Spend Management

Manage and track purchases to individual jobs.

Easy to Read Dashboard

Track past and current quotes and quote requests.

engineer installing underfloor heating system

A Smart Tool for Contractors in Every Trade

Whether you’re a plumber, electrician, welder, concrete finisher, or any other type of professional Canadian contractor, ClearSource is a tool that every tradesperson should have in their toolbox. Start sourcing today today to become a ClearSource Contractor and start buying smarter.

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