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Pay Later With Quickly

Split The Cost Of Your Purchase Into 6 Payments, Paid Every 2 Weeks


Have you seen BNPL options when shopping online for your home and family? ClearSource with our partners at Quickly bring the same convenience to shopping for industrial supplies to your business.


How it works:
    1. Get your items quoted by your favourite Distributors using your ClearSource account.
    2. Open a Quickly account (in less than 3 minutes)
    3. Select “Buy now, pay later with Quickly” as the payment method in checkout.
    4. A Quickly team member will reach out with terms and for you to confirm the order.
When the order ships
Once your order is confirmed and on its way, Quickly will debit the first instalment. Once the payment has been processed you will receive a notification.
Every two weeks
Quickly will automatically debit your account every two weeks for the remaining 5 payments. They will send you an alert ahead of time.



How fast is it? You should have a response to your credit app in a matter of minutes.
What is the minimum I need to buy to use Quickly? There is no minimum spend to use Quickly.
What is the maximum? The maximum spend you can use Quickly for is dependent upon your credit rating. For most small/medium companies it will be $500,000.
How is this different from financing? Traditional financing spreads payments for large purchases across years. Quickly allows you to spread your payments across a smaller manageable period of time, 75 days.