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Many industrial businesses have 3-Bids-And-A-Buy or Triple Bidding procurement policy. The biggest knock against the process is that it takes a lot of time. ClearSource is a free-to-use procurement platform built for exactly this situation.



Until now, only larger businesses enjoyed the ability to click-to-quote products from multiple preferred vendors. We’re bringing this ability to small and medium businesses too! Ultimately, allowing them to maximize billable hours and cut down on administrative tasks.

ClearSource ensures that you have all the product information you need to confidently choose the right items for quoting. All of our product data comes directly from our brand partners – so you know the information is correct. At the same time, we make sure that distributor order desks have all the pertinent information about your business and your quote request to provide an accurate quote.

How to do it:

Step 1: Find the products you want for your bid package and add them to your quote cart.

Note: There is no pricing indicated on ClearSource. This will come from distributor order desks. As you’re no doubt aware, each customer gets slightly different pricing from distributors.

Step 2: Enter the address where you’ll need the product delivered.

Step 3: Choose the distributors you would like to send quote requests to.

Step 4: Indicate your shipping preference.

Step 5: Indicate the date you need the quote returned by as well as a delivery/pickup date.

Boom! The order desks at the distributors you selected will receive the quote request and respond – usually within minutes.

Watch for returned quotes in your inbox. You’ll be able to see all the pricing and availability details (including any relevant lead times) when you click into your ClearSource profile.

Then, simply review the quotes, choose the one you want, and complete the order online.

Not only do you save the frustration of confusing phone tag games and email threads, but the ClearSource system also allows you to keep all your quotes and completed orders in one place for easy review in the future.