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With this list, ChatGPT is no longer the only AI you’ve ever heard of.

Frankly, it’s amazing how quickly AI and machine learning is getting off the ground.

The world of industrial supplies isn’t quite at the AI level of tech development. In many ways, the industry has a failure-to-launch online problem. A rig welder or fab shop owner is still trying to figure out how to buy supplies online without needing to call someone every <your favourite expletive here> time.

ClearSource is the online sourcing alternative the industry needs to become more efficient.

By allowing contractors (fab shops, field welders, and other buyers) to see who is authorized to carry the brands and products they’re looking for, we’re saving time looking online for distributors.

By carrying complete manufacturer catalogues and data we’re saving time searching for often scant and hard-to-find product information online.

We’re growing distributor awareness by allowing distributors to be there as an option at the (borrowing from Google here) Zero Moment Of Truth when people are reaching out to distributors for quotes.

By delivering quote requests to distributors complete with part numbers, so that all they have to do is indicate pricing and availability, we’re speeding up business…for everyone.

And this is just the start!

We recognize that conversations between vendors and customers are always going to have an important place in the relationship for collaboration and technical advice. However, phone calls shouldn’t need to be a part of every exchange that happens.

Getting the industrial supplies industry out of the early-internet phase it seems to be perpetually stuck in is job number one for us. We’re excited about the changes ClearSource is bringing to the table for everyone, contractors, distributors, and manufacturers.

And who knows, maybe not that far down the road a bit of AI will come into play as the industry crosses the technological chasm to join the rest of the world.