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Evolving the Way Contractors Shop for Products

The ClearSource team has been in the Industrial Supply industry for many years. We’ve worked in tool cribs and ran fabrication shops. We’ve rented welding equipment in British Columbia and designed vendor-managed inventory systems in the Oil Sands. We’ve changed light fixtures 25’ in the air without a ladder in Southwestern Ontario and been on bridge construction projects in Montreal. We’ve worked in the trades, in distribution and for the manufacturers of the products we all rely on. In short, we’ve done what you do and we want to use what we’ve learned to do better.

Today’s software systems are built to be adaptable to any business environment. But if you’re a contractor, your environment is unlike any other. So, we decided to design a solution just for you and the way you work. ClearSource is a powerful yet simple-to-use vendor management and purchasing platform for Canadian contractors to make them more efficient and just plain better at running their businesses.

Three multi-ethnic workers wearing hardhats and safety vests

Who We Serve

If you buy or sell Industrial Supplies in Canada, ClearSource is here for you. Our goal is to foster connections across our industry to benefit everyone at every stage of their business.

  • Contractors – Every tradesperson; from electricians and plumbers to welders and concrete finishers will save time and money sourcing products.
  • Distributors – Supercharge your order desk and make every transaction exceptional.
  • Manufacturers – Reach, help, and understand your customers in ways you’ve never been able to before and grow your business.

We Need You!

We’re actively signing up new members to test our beta software and provide critical feedback. Whether you’re a contractormanufacturer, or distributor, contact us to learn how to become our partner. It’s time to buy smarter, and it starts with ClearSource.

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