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Source Products from your Favourite Local Distributors

Request PRICE & AVAILABILITY on thousands of industrial supplies online
Step 1

Select Products

search 1000’s of items

Step 2

Select Distributors

local Canadian suppliers

Step 3

Request Quotes

from local distributors

Step 4

Review Quotes

& complete your order


ClearSource Brand Update May 1 from ClearSource on Vimeo.

Become a Distributor Partner

Become a Brand Partner

  • Save hours spent on the phone and endless email chains.
  • Search 1000’s of products from multiple manufacturer catalogues.
  • See which authorized distributors are closest to your worksite.
  • Instantly send quote requests to your favourite vendor.
  • 3-Bids-and-a-Buy capability – send a quote request to multiple distributors simultaneously.
  • Complete orders online, including shipping and payment details.
  • Keep track of past purchases for easier repeat ordering, billing, and bookkeeping.

Select Your Items & Request Quotes from Distributors Across Canada

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